Difference Between Men and Women Leather Jackets

31 Jul

There are some basic differences between ladies and men’s wear. The designs are different, the cutting is different, and the overall looks of the dresses are different. Men’s leather jackets are comparatively bigger and broader than the ladies jackets. Let’s find out the basic differences between the men’s and ladies Leather  jackets.


If we go for a close scrutiny, men’s jacket sizes are larger, longer and broader compared to female coats. The waist cut of female jackets are broader than the men’s wear as the waist line of females are broader than men. On the other hand, the chest measurement of men’s jackets comes between 40”-44” as men have broader chests. Therefore, people must check these things when they are out shopping for leather coats.

women leather jackets

Zippers, Buttons

Designs of the zippers and buttons vary between ladies and gents wear. Usually the buttons fixed on a men’s jacket are heavier and larger than that are sewed on ladies coats. But, a variety of accessories are found online and in fashion stores that are unisex. Fashionistas often fix their favorite picks like seal tags, metallic zippers on their bombers and aviator jackets.

Shades and Colors

Leather jackets for men are usually found in black brown and grey shades. Girls on the other hand prefer to wear vibrant leather jackets.


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